Photographer in Gold Coast Prices

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Real Estate photography price:

🍀 Starter
30 minutes, averagely 10-15 photos.
Suits best but not limited to 2 bedroom units or small shops with facade or entrance door.
🏆 Best offer
90 minutes averagely 40-50 photos of unit or house and amenities and surrounding area.
Suits best but not limited to 3-4 bedroom units or houses or Businesses or Offices
Virtual Staging per photo25$
Watermarking all photos25$
Colour grading, retouch stains, wear and tear, TV features, removing stickers or ugly wiring and resize included.
No addittional charge for Twilight/Sunset/Sunrise

Event, Family, Portrait photography price:

🍀 Brisk session
One hour, averagely 40-50 photos.
Suits for group portraits, indoor or outdoor day or night functions, dance parties, high tea.
🏆 Best offer
First two hours averagely 60-80 Candid photos, individual or group portraits.
Suits for indoor or outdoor day or night functions
More content
Ongoing hours per one hour. Average yield: 30-40 photos per hour.
Colour grading, individual portrait full face retouch and shaping upon request with no charge.
No addittional charge for Twilight/Sunset/Sunrise

Payment is expected after the shoot.
1-2 hours photoshoot is usually edited within 2-3 days and sent to customer via Cloud Drive service. First edited shots available on the next day.

Feel free to call or send me a message to make booking:

You can describe your task or desired date and time

+61 420 609938
ABN: 88 226 844 905